June 25th, 2024

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a short update to let you know that I'm finishing up tracking vocals for the final song of our upcoming album, "Psychosis". In the meantime, our 1995 Demo/EP - "Trilogy of Sorrow" is now available for you to listen to on all streaming services and is also now available on Bandcamp if you would like to support our music. Thanks for showing interest and I'll post another update once we start mixing and mastering, "Psychosis". Bandcamp link -


June 15th, 2024

Hello everyone, It's been some time since the last update. I wanted to let you know that we're still alive and working on the album. I'm currently taking my time and having fun while experimenting with tracking vocals for the final song. The album will finally be released this year and more news will follow soon.

Bio and Band Members

AS THE SEA PARTS is a Virginia-based melodic death metal band that was founded by Paul Vanderslice in 1995. Later that year, Paul teamed up with Erik Sayenga (WARTHRONE, KRISTEL DAWN, ex-DYING FETUS, ex-WITCH-HUNT) on a three-song demo/EP entitled ‘Trilogy of Sorrow.’ The EP was released on cassette, and drew influences from the emerging death/doom scene in Europe as well as the classic Tampa Bay area death metal bands from the early 1990's. Shortly after, AS THE SEA PARTS was joined by guitarist Scott Loose (ELEMENT OF FATE, BRAVE, STELLAR DEATH, DAY OF DEPARTURE, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT), and bassist Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (AURORA BOREALIS, TODESBONDEN), and the band began working on a follow-up EP roughly titled '...And the Journey Begins'. The recording was never completed, and in 1999 the band went on a seemingly indefinite hiatus. In 2019, Paul completed writing a new album and resurrected the band with Erik Sayenga and Scott Loose. The new album is entitled ‘Psychosis,’ and picks up where the band left off in the late 1990s – drawing influence from the classics of the genre, while also fusing elements of old school melodic death metal with some aspects of epic death/doom and black metal. Two new singles have been released since the band reformed. The new album is currently being finished and will be set for independent release sometime in 2024.


Paul Vanderslice – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys 

Erik Sayenga – Drums, Vocals 

Scott Loose – Guitars, Bass, Keys


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